Sunday, December 31, 2006

Curious about Attraction - How Powerful Is It in Your Life? Have You Made Use of the Law of Attraction?

I wonder what attracts you. I also wonder what you attract and if you have made use of the Law of Attraction.

As I have mentioned before, I have been involved for a couple of months in a program called the Happy, Healthy and Wealthy Game. Even though I have always been a positive optimist and involved with the self-improvement field since the 80s, I have benefited and changed a great deal since I started this “game of life.” How and what does this have to do with Attraction?

On our last conference phone call, everyone in the group was raving about the film,The Secret.” I was the only one who hadn’t seen it, mainly because I don’t have a TV or DVD player. Another player sent me the link to the film and I have now watched it twice. WOW! It is powerful and I am suggesting to my family and readers that they watch it and use the information.

We are living magnets. We attract into our lives what we think about - good and/or bad. If we focus on what we don’t want, we will get more of it. But if we focus on what we do want, we will get more of it.

For years, I have known this and used it, but not in all areas of my life. Brian Tracy, one of my favorite gurus, suggested using this Law for getting parking spaces. Since then, anytime I am driving to a shopping center or a building with limited parking, I start visualizing a parking space opening up for me close to where I am going. It may sound trivial, but it is a great way to test the Law.

The Law of Attraction - what ancient mystics have known for thousands of years, that everything is energy in vibration, has now been scientifically "proven" by quantum physicists. And because your thoughts are energy you attract into your life everything that vibrates in alignment with your thoughts. Think of what you want and you attract it into your life. Think of what you don’t want and you attract that too.

What has surprised me is that there are quite a few people - I received several e-mails after sharing my enthusiasm for “The Secret” in a recent e-newsletter I sent to readers - who question the validity of its power and won’t even try it.

I did look up quotations about “Attraction” for this blog, but they were mainly about what others were attracted to. That is a whole different story.

I know that I am now using the Law of Attraction, revising some of my thoughts and goals, and working on a “dream board.” I have also ordered a couple of new books about the Law of Attraction. My gift to you for the New Year is the link to “The Secret.” If you watch it - or have even been using the Law already - let me know how it worked or is working for you.

Here’s to 2007! Our best year yet!