Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Healthy Curiosity - It's OK to Be Discounted

In the same December issue of Business 2.0 that I referred to in my previous blog were thoughts from Barry Diller, chairman, InterActiveCorp.

When asked about people viewing as strange his taking over the Home Shopping Network and a handful of piddling websites, Diller answered, “For me, the guiding principle in deciding which route to take in business has always been to follow my own curiosity…. The healthiest thing in the world is to be discounted. If you’re curious enough that no one thinks what you’re doing makes any sense at all, then they’ll leave you alone. If everyone is skeptical, you can concentrate and stay focused. And curious.”

Hurrah! I don’t know about you, but Diller’s words really strike a chord with me. And also make me feel terrific.

Over my years of learning, participating, and investigating, I have discovered that it is OK to be “discounted” and left alone doing my thing. After having my “Portfolio Career” (many different careers and avocations) for so long, others now accept that I am “different” and “that is just the way she is.”

I think it was originally Leo Buscaglia who pointed out that it was OK to be outrageous. Then, when you acted out of the ordinary, people would accept it and say, “Oh, there goes that crazy Buscaglia,” and think nothing of it. He stressed how important it is to be yourself - and unique. Not in any way that would hurt or demean anyone else - just in your own way, being yourself.

I know that when I am being “me” completely, I am at my most passionate, at my happiest and at my best “me.” So, do spend time thinking about who the true “you” is, and whether or not you are covering that special person up or living him or her to the fullest!

And, yes, stay curious!