Sunday, March 08, 2009

Curious about Imagination: Everyone Has It, However, We Don’t Always Put It to Good Use

Definition of Imagination: The imagine-making power of the mind; the power to create or reproduce ideally an object of sense previously perceived; the power to call up mental imagines. The complex faculty usually termed the plastic or creative power; the fancy. The power to recombine the materials furnished by experience or memory, for the accomplishment of an elevated purpose.

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” - Henry David Thoreau, American author

I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death.” - Robert Fulghum, American author

There now are millions of people on the Internet. Many are starting or maintaining businesses. Many are writing, creating, marketing, chatting and interacting. Many are coaching, consulting, buying and selling. Many are making money while others are trying to make money. The list could go on forever.

I submit to you that no matter why you are on the Internet, the secret to success in whatever endeavor you are pursuing is calling upon your imagination. Even if you think you don’t have imagination – you do. You just have to realize that your imagination is what will differentiate you from the crowds.

How you use your imagination will produce happiness, wealth and WOW in your life. You may feel that I am going too far and strongly with this statement. However, I know that when we are true to ourselves, our uniqueness will surface as we make use of our imagination. And, when we combine our imagination with emotion, visualization and positive thoughts, there will be no limits on what we will experience in our lives and futures.

Of course, you can imagine how many quotations I found from the experts. It was a challenge to pick the ones I am going to share with you:
  • First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.” - Napoleon Hill, American writer
  • Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop the picture... Do not build up obstacles in your imagination.” - Norman Vincent Peale, American clergyman
  • The moment a person forms a theory, his imagination sees in every object only the traits which favor that theory.” - Thomas Jefferson, American President
  • The man who has no imagination has no wings.” - Muhammad Ali, American athlete
  • The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar, is bound to succeed.” - Henry Ford, American businessman
  • Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.” - Carl Sagan, American scientist
  • Live out of your imagination, not your history.” - Stephen Covey, American businessman

And, three more to think about in the weeks to come:

  • I believe in the imagination. What I cannot see is infinitely more important than what I can see.” - Duane Michals, American photographer
  • I doubt that the imagination can be suppressed. If you truly eradicated it in a child, he would grow up to be an eggplant.” - Ursula K. Le Guin, American writer
  • Imagination has brought mankind through the dark ages to its present state of civilization. Imagination led Columbus to discover America. Imagination led Franklin to discover electricity.” - L. Frank Baum, American author

My suggestion to you is to start using your imagination in as many ways you can conjure up. Write down what you are learning and what are the results. Have fun and let yourself go.