Thursday, December 30, 2004

Curious about New Year's and Year Long Superstitions

Today, at the end of my Fitness Class, I wished everyone a Happy New Year and also suggested that when they awoke on the first day of the month and year that they invoke a saying that will bring them luck for the whole month, at least, and should also help for the year.

A revered professional storyteller from Selma, Alabama, tells everyone that before you get out of bed on the first day of every month, you shout out, “Rabbit, Rabbit!” I suggested this to my class participants. While they were snickering, a young woman who comes from Turkey, said that this was a fact. But, in her country, you only used it for the months that included the letter “r.” And, that if someone was near you when you shouted, you would tap them, thus passing on the luck to them too.

We all started to think about superstitions - that are fun, and may also work. I know that I am “game” - why take chances?

Years ago I was doing house painting to fill in a transition from one job to another. As I was prepping, I found several coins on the top of doors. The woman who lived there told me that they always placed them there before the New Year, so that money would flow through the doors into their home and lives. When I mentioned this to my students, one woman shared that her mother did the same, but put the coins on the window sills.

My “Rabbit, Rabbit” shouting storyteller, who is from the South, also told me that as you drive around her home town, you will see blue bottles hanging from the bushes. You see, demons are attracted by the blue color and fly into the bottles, only to be trapped. This keeps evil from entering your home.

I would love to hear about your superstitions - do you have any you practice and believe in?

That reminds me. I’d better go and get out some coins to place on the top of my doors.

Have a Happy, Prosperous, and Exciting New Year!