Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Curious about Teleseminars? Are They Worthwhile?

This afternoon I attended an excellent teleseminar co-hosted by Jim Daniels and Stephen Pierce. Actually, it was so good, it lasted - and I lasted - two hours, learning how to “Make 2005 Your Best Year Ever!”

I have always loved attending workshops, conferences and seminars, so getting involved with teleseminars was a natural for me. What I especially like is that I can take part without traveling somewhere. Many are free, except for the long distance charge on your phone (and long distance today is so reasonable!). And, if the session is not up-to-par or helpful, I just hang up (no embarrassing moments like leaving a room).

Just as in past workshops, conferences and seminars, as long as I come away with at least one or two good ideas, the time and minimal charge is worthwhile to me. And, yes, the reason many of those who host a teleseminar do it is to offer a product or service - often at a special price. Very seldom do I jump on the sales, but in the future may subscribe to a newsletter and eventually purchase a program.

I didn’t buy anything today, but I filled several pages with notes, and feel that I came away knowing how to “Make 2005 My Best Year Ever!” I am excited.

Two quick examples of ideas that sound familiar, but made me “sit up and take notice” are as follow:

  1. The Two Golden Hours - Jim Daniels suggests having two hours - one the creative hour, the second the mechanical hour that are devoted completely and daily to our biggest and most important project. They can be split between early morning and late night, or used together. If you do this every Monday through Friday, that’s 10 hours a week, 40 hours a month. Just think what you can accomplish!
  2. What You Know - Who You Know - Stephen Pierce shone a new and different light on this saying - for me, anyway. We are where we are today or at any time in our life because of what we have learned and know and the group of people we hang out with. If we want to be on the vertical path upward, we need to know more (continual learning) and get to know the people who are at the level we desire (model and make friends with those who are successful).

I hope you will try a teleseminar, if you haven’t, and let me know what you think!