Monday, January 03, 2005

Curious about Fitness Resolutions - Have You Made Them and Will You Keep Them?

Today was the first day of 2005 in which I taught fitness classes. Every year, it is the same old story.

As I drove into the parking lot, I had to look for a space - the lot was overflowing with cars. As I set up my microphone, mat, music and step, I saw more students than the norm filling the room. I also saw faces that I hadn’t seen since last January or February.

I yelled, “Happy New Year” and we were up and working our buns off!

The sad part and truth of this repeating scenario is that as the weeks go by, fewer of the old familiar faces will show up with regularity, and then, not at all.

Yes, exercising, even for those of us who love it and have been doing it for years, takes discipline. It is not easy. And it is even harder when there are those working out around us that look like it is easy for them. It is true that with time, we become more comfortable with the moves and that we stop feeling so worn out - even feeling we might pass out.

But, as often as I teach, I want you to know that there are days that are harder for me than others. And, when I first started taking aerobics classes in 1983, I felt so uncoordinated that I stayed for weeks in the back row (and I am one of those people who like to be up front).

I want to assure all of you who have made the same old resolution to get fit through exercise, that you can do it! The longer you stay with it, the better you will feel and look. The more energy you will have and be less worried by your problems. The benefits are huge. It is worth every bit of effort you put into it.

Did you know that the new suggested amount of physical activity a week is up to seven hours? I heard it today on the radio and thought, “hooray.” If we get at least half of that, we will be on our way.

So, I am challenging you. Start exercising and stick with it - for at least three months. I guarantee that you will feel and see the difference - and you will be glad you did!

If you are interested in a Special Report on all of the ins and outs of fitness and getting fit, visit my Special Reports page at I have two listed there.