Saturday, January 22, 2005

A Curious Alternative to Time Management

Yes, I have read and heard (on motivational audio tapes) that for effective time management, we “should” prioritize and tackle the high priority and more unpleasant tasks first. Brian Tracy - one of my all time favorite gurus - even has a book extolling this approach called, Eat a Frog for Breakfast.

Let’s examine an alternative and/or opposite approach.

Dan Rosensweig, Chief Operating Officer of Yahoo, in a Fast Company magazine interview stated the following, “Time is the only luxury left in the world, and I do my best not to waste much.” and, “Do the things that matter most to you. If you don’t love it, it’s not worth it.”

Marnie L. Pehrson, wife, mother of 6, author and consultant who helps talented professionals discover, define and deliver their message to the online world, wrote the following in an article on time management:

Work with your moods. You know how most people look at everything they have to do and start with the worst first. They say, `I hate to do it, but I really have to get my bills paid today. Ugh! I’d rather be writing or designing my web site or calling new customers, but I’ve set aside Mondays to pay my bills, so that’s what I’ve got to do today.’ Bills do need to be paid, but if you’re in a creative mood with ideas and energy that want to go elsewhere, follow your creative energy where it leads. Then when that energy has passed, do things like paying your bills and other tasks that don’t need that creative flow.”

I agree with both of the above statements so strongly that I wanted to share them with you. For example, right now I am taking advantage of a huge snow storm that cancelled a meeting I was to attend today by writing in my blog before tackling some other high priority tasks. I know that I will accomplish them, too, but with a fresh perspective.

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And, do let me know how you handle the “luxury of time.”