Monday, January 10, 2005

A Curious and Creative Alternative to Resolutions: Pick a Yearly Theme

I just read Maria Marsala’s motivating e-newsletter and found her suggestion to create a yearly theme fascinating. Being a goal oriented person, I do agree that goals (and resolutions) can disappear as we become more and more involved with busy-ness.

Maria’s summary states, “Themes can make your year fun and focused. They're much easier to create or use and they last much longer than list of resolutions.” In her fine newsletter she describes just enough possible themes to encourage clicking on her more complete article. You will find it HERE.

Choose 1-4 words that will keep you motivated, for example: Simply Wealthy, Big Leaps of Faith, Be Present, Present Be, Be a Successful Me. Place those words on index cards, or even better create a banner with your theme on it!”

What fun! I could hardly wait to get started. Maybe it is because I have found themes to be powerful tools when planning a program, a workshop, a seminar and/or a storytelling performance. They give direction and coherence and also help keep us on track (like goals and resolutions are supposed to).

The most difficult task was picking only one theme for the year, so then I got the great idea of picking a focused yearly theme with related mini-themes for each month. Another alternative would be to pick a new theme for each month - how about every week. Or, is that watering it down too much?

I wonder if this idea of picking a yearly theme (I especially love “Simply Wealthy”) appeals to you, as much as it does to me. Let me know.

And, I do hope you will check out Maria and her website. She is filled with fun, intelligent and creative ideas. Try her newsletter - you’ll be glad you did!