Monday, April 04, 2005

Curious about “Round-To-Its” - Why Do They and We Procrastinate?

Zig Ziglar is a firm believer in goals and goal setting. He warns us, though, that if we don’t take action on our goals, we are just another “Round-To-It.” “I’ll work on it when I get `round to it.”

As I prepare for my move, I have been sorting through my myriad of books, and realize that, even though I feel that I am disciplined and a goal setter and getter, I have found quite a few good books that I started and never got `round to finishing. What a shame! I have donated many of these to the local library in hopes that someone else will read them through to the end and benefit.

A different scenario with the same “Round-To-It” theme, but a happier outcome for me, concerns my American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certification as a Group Fitness Instructor.

One of the clubs where I teach the majority of my classes has been sending out notices for the past five years that as instructors we must be certified - either through their own certification program or another nationally recognized program.

I started teaching in 1991 and for four years was certified by one fitness group. Once I had made the decision that I wanted to teach fitness, I attended two weekends of classes, passed the test and got my first certification. At that time most clubs did not require certification. I felt that being certified not only gave me credibility but also knowledge that I could put to use in my classes. Both have been true for me.

In 1995, I set a goal to become certified by the top fitness organization, ACE. This involved taking the hardest exam I have ever taken. I purchased the study guides, sample test and the huge book that covered all the necessary material. I mapped out my plan of study - a chapter a week - and spent the whole summer learning everything my brain could remember. The test was so hard, I wasn’t sure I had passed - but I had, and with flying colors.

I did get `round to it, and since then have attended workshops and classes to earn the Continuing Education Credits necessary for renewal of my ACE Certification every two years.

I am telling you this, because last week I received a whiny call from another instructor at the club. You see, the club has finally decided to follow through and suspend those who are not certified. This one, along with quite a few others are “up in arms” about this.

She started right in asking me, “Are you certified?” When I answered, “Yes, with ACE, since 1995,” she asked how I got certified. I explained that I had sent for the study materials, studied and took the exam (it was at least a 2 1/2 hour test). She went on to say that our club was pressuring her to get certified and the time was nearly up. Did I think it was fair?

I was the wrong person to ask that question. I asked her how long she had been teaching - "five years" was her answer - and why she hadn’t worked to become certified before this. She hadn’t gotten `round to finding out how to become certified. Her excuse was that she didn’t know who to ask. And now she was in a bind, because the club wasn’t going to put up with “Round-To-Its” any longer. In her defense, she isn’t the only one. There are many others complaining bitterly.

It made me realize how easy it is to be a “Round-To-It” and prompted me to sit down and write a list of goals that I have already started getting `round to.

So, I challenge you to consider whether or not you have “Round-To-Its” lurking in the background. Expose them, write them down and get `round-to-it! You’ll be glad you did.